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  1. Kinto Carafe Set Brewer 300ml

    This set provides everything you need to create and serve your perfect pour-over brew. Included is a glass carafe, a plastic brewer, and a holder. Each is designed to work in perfect partnership with the rest, and they’ll also slot neatly into one another for easy storage.
  2. Kinto Kronos Double Wall Coffee Cup 250ml

    The double wall design of the KRONOS glasses make drinks appear as if they are floating in the air. Hot and cold beverages maintain their temperature longer without condensation, thanks to the insulating properties of the double layered heat-resistant glass. The round shape and base provide stability, while the ring around the center makes for easy gripping. These glasses are also excellent for serving desserts. Specs: * Dimensions: 250ml: φ2.8 in x H4 in x W3.4 in / φ70 x H100 x W85 mm * Material: heat-resistant glass * User Recommendations: microwave and dishwasher safe
  3. Kinto Kronos Double Wall Teacup 200ml

    KRONOS makes drinks look like they are floating in air with a double wall structure. The ring supports your fingers for easy gripping, and the cup has an ideal angle for drinking. With thermal insulated construction, the cups maintain the temperature of hot and cold drinks for a long time. No condensation is formed, so your table will not get wet. The items can also be perfect for serving desserts or appetizers. Specs:  * Dimensions: 200ml: φ3.4 in x H2.6 in x W3.8 in / φ85 x H65 x W95 mm * Material: heat-resistant glass * User Recommendations: microwave and dishwasher safe
  4. Kinto 2 Cups Cotton Filter

    100% Brand New and High Quality. Cotton pulp, wood pulp. Set of 60 for 2 cups. No chemical adhesive is used for the seam of filter. Fold the paper along the seam before placing the filter in the brewer, or the seam may separate. For use with any Kinto brewer, these cotton paper filters bring out a clear, mild taste in drip brew coffee Product features • Range: Slow Coffee Style • Material: cotton and wood pulp • Size: 2 cups • Lifespan: single use • Dimensions: W: 100 x D: 105mm • Pack size: 1x60 • Country of origin: Japan What’s in the Box: KINTO COTTON PAPER FILTER 2CUPS Color Family: WHITE
  5. Kinto 2 Cups Steel Filter

    Stainless steel permanent filter suitable for up to 2 cups or 300ml. A perfect addition to your dripper or coffee maker from the Kinto Slow Coffee Style range.
  6. Kinto Carat Teapot 850ml

    Description:100% Brand New and High Quality. A unique look teapot with infuser, designed to look great and to work with any kind of tea leaves. A perfect match for the Carat cup & saucer Product features • Brand: Kinto • Range: Carat • Pot material: heat-resistant glass • Strainer material: stainless steel • Strainer lifespan: permanent • Lid material: stainless steel & nylon • Size: large • Capacity: 850ml • Dimensions: H: 108 x W: 168 x Dia.: 90mm • Dishwasher safe: pot & strainer • Microwave safe: pot • Country of origin: Japan What’s in the Box: KINTO CARAT TEAPOT 850ML Color Family: CLEAR GLASS
  7. Kinto Unitea Teapot Set 720ml

    Description:100% Brand New and High Quality. Stylish and simple teapot set from Kinto. Strainer is easily removable for cleaning. These unique design pieces look great on any table top Product features • Brand: Kinto • Range: Unitea • Pot material: heat-resistant glass,saturated polyester • Strainer material: copolyester • Strainer lifespan: permanent • Lid material: copolyester • Size: large • Capacity: 720ml • Dimensions: H: 147 x W: 146 x Dia.: 78mm • Dishwasher safe: all parts • Set includes: pot, strainer and lid • Country of origin: Japan What’s in the Box: KINTO UNITEA TEAPOT SET PLASTIC 720ML LARGE Color Family: Transparent

    100% Brand New and High Quality. Plug jugs are perfect for storing different types of cold drinks. The outer lid of the jugs seals tightly so you can lay the jug down in your refrigerator or stand it up. Features a removable mesh filter Specifications: * Size: 40.6 oz / 1.2L * Material: MS resin, ABS resin, silicone, polypropylene, PET * Make delicious, cold brew coffee easily by putting coffee grounds on the fine mesh filter, adding water and putting the smart jug in the refrigerator for about eight hours. * Jug size: D 9.5 x H 27 x W 15 cm (3.74 x 10.63 x 5.91 inches) * Slim, space-saving design. Airtight cap allows you to lay the jug on its side * Dishwasher safe; Wide opening makes cleaning easier; English instructions included * Cold brew coffee releases less caffeine and tannic acid giving the coffee a better smell and taste. Coffee can be kept in the refrigerator on hot days and be ready to drink anytime * User Recommendations: dishwasher safe
  9. Swissmar 4 PC Raclette Tongs

    The Swissmar Raclette Grill Tongs are additional accessories to go with your raclette grill. Use these heat-resistant raclette tongs to place food on the grill, turn food as it cooks, or for serving food when fully finished. The four piece set is sturdy, and perfectly sized for use with a table-top raclette grill. Add this set of raclette tongs to a raclette grill for a fantastic gift for weddings or showers, a birthday or Christmas. The Swissmar Raclette Tongs can complete the package that can bring a cooking party to your home today! Great additional accessories for use with a Swissmar raclette grill Use to place food on grill, turn foods, serve foods Raclette tongs of heat-resistant plastic Durable, sturdy, and perfectly sized for use with a counter-top raclette grill Raclette grill tongs length - 7" Hand-washing recommended Set of 4 raclette tongs
  10. Swissmar 6 PC Meat Fondue Fork Set

    Set of Six Forks Featuring two sharp tines with additional barbs to hold meat in place Handles are over 10 inches in length- everyone can reach the fondue pot! Numbered handles. Heat resistant


Items 1 to 10 of 236 total

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