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  1. Russell Hobbs Cyclofry Oil Free Health Fryer

    Rotating Basket The Cyclofry Plus’s rotating basket is the perfect solution for even, thorough cooking. You’ll no longer have to go back and forth shaking your fried potatoes every ten minutes to stop them burning or sticking because the rotating basket does it all for you. Versatile cooking for roasting, frying, grilling, baking We’ve designed the Cyclofry to be the multipurpose appliance that combines everything you need into one health fryer. You can be roasting some piri piri chicken one minute and baking a delicious cake to satisfy your sweet tooth the next, all with this one appliance. Designed with variety in mind, the Cyclofry not only lets you cook in various ways but also lets you cook an assortment of foods. With multiple attachments for different uses, you can cook everything from vegetables to cakes. And best of all if you’re looking for a fryer that lets you cook food that has all of the flavour and less of the guilt, then you’ll love this health fryer that provides a healthier alternative to your normal fryer as no oil is needed for the same result.
  2. Russell Hobbs Glass Kettle

    Sleek and stylish with a clear housing and brushed stainless steel accents, the Glass Kettle will look quietly elegant on any work surface. Made with premium glass, it illuminates blue as it heats the water – and yes, you really can watch this kettle as it boils. It has a 1.7litre capacity jug, so it’s big enough to make up to six cups, yet a special 1 cup feature means it’s energy-saving. It has a perfect pour spout to ensure the water goes into your cup without splashing over your work surfaces. The Glass Kettle also has a removable, washable filter to keep your kettle clean and free from bits. It sits inside the spout and can be easily taken out, rinsed under the tap and replaced. Premium Glass Kettle The premium glass housing lets you watch the water boil and it illuminates a beautiful blue light while boiling. Special 1 Cup Feature Fill your kettle to boil one cup of water and save up to 66%* energy. Dimension L- 22CM W - 15 CM H - 22 CM
  3. Russell Hobbs Power Crush Blender

    Crushing ice and making smoothies takes serious power, with the Russell Hobbs PowerCrush Blender making your morning smoothie is easy. The PowerCrush Blender, not only blends to perfection but is 30%* quieter than a regular blender, making your morning smoothie hassle-free. With 3 auto functions plus 3 speeds and pulse, the PowerCrush Blender will do all the work for you. Perfect if you're blending a smoothie in the early morning, or even if you just want to have a conversation whilst blending. Powercrush Blender 1.5lt Glass Jar 750W Peak Power QuadPro 4-Tip Stainless Steel Blade 3-Speeds + Pulse with LED Light 3 x One Touch Smart Settings 500ml Tritan Personal Jar Included Dishwasher-Safe Removable Parts Easy clean Touchpad Controls
  4. Russell Hobbs Texture Plus Coffee Maker

    The innovative Textures Plus Black Coffee Maker incorporates premium features and a striking design, perfect for the coffee lover that is looking for a functional yet stylish appliance. With the Russell Hobbs' unique built-in showerhead technology for an improved filtering process. This innovative function showers all of the coffee grains with water – not just the ones in the centre of the filter - to make sure all of the coffee is used. Because more of the coffee is captured and dissolved, you enjoy a richer tasting coffee and less waste in the filter. Whether you prefer intense or mild flavours, the Textures Plus Black Coffee Maker makes delicious coffee just how you like it. Whether you are making coffee for yourself or for friends and family; it's your favourite drink to wake up to, or your preferred after-dinner tipple, the Textures Plus Black Coffee Maker has a carafe capacity for up to 10 cups. Its keep warm plate means that you can make lots of lovely coffee to enjoy straight away or to save for a little later. It also looks good in any kitchen, with it's attractive chalky matt and high gloss black casing with chrome accents that gives it a premium quality feel. Advanced Showerhead Technology Featuring advanced showerhead technology that sprays water through the ground coffee, more evenly and quickly. This improved water distribution results in more of the coffee being dissolved and better extraction of flavour. Pause & Pour Coffee stops filtering into the carafe when it’s removed from the plate so you can pour without coffee spilling onto the hot plate.
  5. Russell Hobbs Flame Red Coffee Maker

    Make a statement in your kitchen with the Red Colours Plus+ Coffee Maker, showcasing your personality and making great tasting coffee for friends and family. In a statement flame red complimented by premium stainless steel accents, this coffee maker is sure to be a show stopper. 1.25 litre glass carafe capacity with red accents Whirl Tech brewing technology for great tasting coffee Digital control and LCD display 24-hour programmable timer Makes 10 large or 15 small cups Integrated coffee spoon 40-minutes keep warm Removable filter holder Pause and pour feature Water level indicator
  6. Russell Hobbs Compact Coffee Maker

    Do you need a morning coffee to start your day? Or maybe you just need an afternoon boost. Are you looking for a coffee machine but lack space in your kitchen? Then the Compact Home Coffee Maker is for you. Combining style and premium performance, this small coffee maker brings you a blissful brewing experience and saves you counter space. In a brushed stainless steel with polished chrome accents, this coffee maker not only makes a stunning statement on your counter but also a brew any coffee connoisseur would be proud of. So enjoy the welcoming aroma of freshly brewed coffee every morning, knowing you didn’t have to sacrifice too much precious counter space. Brews a full carafe in seven minutes We know that in your busy lives you need a coffee maker that can make you a speedy brew in minutes. That’s why the Compact Home Coffee Maker is designed to brew up a full carafe in seven minutes. Now you have time to take a moment to yourself and really enjoy your cuppa.   Compact design Saving you space in your kitchen, this compact coffee maker is still more than capable of catering for a cuppa with your friends and family. Giving you a professional performance whilst being 38% smaller*, the Compact Home Coffee Maker really gives you the best of both worlds.
  7. Russell Hobbs Compact Glass Kettle

    Do you dream of a kettle that gives you a powerful performance, is the perfect size for making brews and still saves you space in your kitchen? Well now with the Compact Home Glass Kettle, you can have it all. Combining brushed and polished stainless steel with premium glass, this small kettle makes a style statement in any kitchen. Being proof that all good things come in small packages, the Compact Home Glass Kettle is the perfect size if you’re enjoying a relaxing brew to yourself or even to cater for cuppas with friends. The Compact Home Glass Kettle is an ideal size for those of you with less space, your home away from home or if you’re just looking to keep your kitchen counter clutter-free. Perfect Pour The shape of the spout ensures a precise single stream when pouring. Blue illuminating light ring The Compact Home Brushed Kettle has a tranquil blue power light that illuminates when your kettle is on and boiling. This calming colour casts itself over your kitchen counter, letting you await your cuppa in complete peace. Dimension H - 21CM W - 18 CM (Including Handle) Diameter - 12 CM Capacity - 800 liters
  8. Russell Hobbs Bake Expert Mini Toaster Oven

    The Bake Expert Mini Toaster Oven is the first compact oven on the market with natural convection for more even and efficient cooking. Boasting four cooking programs, the Bake Expert Mini Toaster Oven grills, toasts, roasts, and bakes to perfection. With generous capacity in a small footprint, the Bake Expert fits a 9” pizza or 4 slices of bread. 4 Cooking Programs Bake, Grill, Toast & Keep warm functions provides maxiumum flexibility from breakfast to dinner time 30-minute timer with Stay-On function Allowing meals and snacks to be ready when you are Natural Convection with improved airflow For more even cooking EVENTOAST TECHNOLOGY™ delivers delicious and even toast This advnaced technology delivers delicious and even toast everytime.
  9. Russell Hobbs Desire Matte Food Processor Black 1.5L 600W

    Make a bold statement on your kitchen counter with the Desire Matte Black Food Processor. In a premium matte black, this processor is the perfect combination of stunning style and extraordinary performance. This versatile appliance has an attachment for every need, whether you’re chopping, slicing, beating or even creaming. The perfect sous chef, the Desire Matte Black Food Processor is designed to take care of the more mundane tasks of cooking so you have more time to enjoy the parts you really love. Whether you need to chop up some chunky vegetables for a casserole or you need a little help finely slicing up ingredients to sneak into your little one's spaghetti bolognese – this food processor will bring ease to every meal you make at home. The Desire Matte Black Food Processor is designed to take on whatever task you throw its way. With a variety of attachments for different uses, you can be slicing, dicing, shredding, whipping, blending, beating and even pureeing with this one versatile appliance.  After you’ve enjoyed a feast of flavoursome food the last thing you feel like doing is the washing up. That’s why we’ve designed the Desire Matte Black Food Processor’s parts to be dishwasher safe so you won’t have to. With detachable parts and a bowl that can be put straight into the dishwasher, cleaning your processor can be speedy and effortless – so you can tackle that chore with minimal fuss; it’s the dishwasher’s problem now. With a simple and easy to use speed setting that lets you choose between 2 speeds, the Desire Matte Black Food Processor can tackle whatever ingredients you throw its way. Use the lower speed setting to chop your ingredients up into larger pieces for a hearty homemade soup or use the higher speed setting to blend your ingredients into smooth and creamy soups or dips. Inclusions: 2.5L Bowl, 1.5L plastic jug blender, stainless steel blades, reversible slicing/shredding disk, dough blade and creaming disk
  10. Russell Hobbs Desire Mini Chopper Black 500Ml 200W

    The Desire Matte Black Mini Chopper combines extraordinary performance with a stunning appearance into one compact design. In a premium matte black, this chopper has a high performance to match the premium colour. It’s the perfect solution for speedy chopping up various ingredients – this mini chopper can do it all. Being the perfect helping hand to have in your kitchen you can effortlessly chop, dice and slice your way through every task. Whether you’re chopping up onions to sneak into your little ones lasagne or you’re slicing up cucumber to add into your salad – no task is too tough for the Desire Mini Chopper. Say goodbye to complicated displays and endless buttons because this chopper only takes one touch. With one easy to use button, you can simply hold it down and be slicing, dicing and chopping away in no time at all. And if you’re someone that likes the hands-on approach to cooking, then you’ll love that the Desire Matte Black Mini Chopper has a manual pulse function that still requires your magic touch to start. With a resilient universal steel blade the Desire Matte Black Mini Chopper is strong enough to slice even the toughest ingredients. It doesn’t matter if you’re chopping up vegetables to sneak into your little ones lasagne or you just need a little helping hand speeding up your chopping – these blades can take on anything. With a 1 litre glass chopping bowl that has a 500ml capacity for food you can chop away at enough ingredients for dinner for the whole family.


10 Item(s)