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  1. Swissmar Straight Julienne Peeler Black

    Introducing the latest peeler from Swissmar. The sharp stainless steel blade with julienne teeth and ergonomic curved handle makes it easy to add perfectly thin strips of vegetables to any dish. YOU HAVE TO PEEL IT TO BELIEVE IT! Premium-quality Swiss Made peeler High-quality stainless steel blade quickly and easily creates julienne cuts of various vegetables Built-in stainless steel blemish remover to get rid of imperfections from any vegetables with ease Ergonomically designed straight handle made of a durable and light-weight ABS+PC resin blend of materials Soft rubber accent on the handle for improved grip and comfort Dishwasher safe
  2. Swissmar Moist Cheese Knife 9.25 Inches

    Excellent for moist cheese like Brie and Camembert This knife features a small fork on the tip allowing chunks to be broken off and served without changing tools. Holes through blade prevents cheese from sticking. Great for cutting cheese such as blue, feta, and stilton. Stainless steel with hollow handle. Gift boxed.
  3. -20%

    Swissmar Swivel Raclette

    Don't just host the party... join it! We've added a twist to our superior raclette line up with this Swivel Raclette. Go beyond a memorable meal and unfold this unique raclette up to 180¡, place it on the counter top and make it a part of every entertaining occasion. 8 Person Raclette party grill Hot stone and cast aluminum non-stick grill plates Versatile usage: unfolds up to 180 degrees Separate power controls for each grill side Includes 8 non-stick raclette dishes, 8 heat-resistant spatulas and user manual with recipes 1200 watts / 60 Hz

    Regular Price: ₱10,500.00

    Special Price ₱8,400.00

  4. -20%

    Swissmar Matterhorn Raclette Grill

    New matterhorn raclette meets all your entertaining needs. Oval design with unique water transfer faux wood base. 1450 watts, 220V, 60Hz Great for cooking breakfast, lunch and/or dinner Variable temperature control; power-on indicator light. Comes with 8 non-stick triangular shaped raclette dishes with finger guard for added safety. 8 heat-resistant spatulas.

    Regular Price: ₱9,500.00

    Special Price ₱7,600.00

  5. -20%

    Swissmar Biel 11 PC Fondue Set - Copper

    Pot made of 0.8mm thick, 18/8 copper-plated stainless steel Tapered opening to keep the heat inside the pot, allowing the oil to remain above 350 degrees Fahrenheit without spattering Traditional pot design with hammered mirror finish Versatile: also great for one-pot meals such as chilli, hearty soups, Swedish meatballs, hot nacho and veggie dips Fire Gel sold separately 

    Regular Price: ₱3,575.00

    Special Price ₱2,860.00

  6. -10%

    Swissmar 4 PC Raclette Tongs

    The Swissmar Raclette Grill Tongs are additional accessories to go with your raclette grill. Use these heat-resistant raclette tongs to place food on the grill, turn food as it cooks, or for serving food when fully finished. The four piece set is sturdy, and perfectly sized for use with a table-top raclette grill. Add this set of raclette tongs to a raclette grill for a fantastic gift for weddings or showers, a birthday or Christmas. The Swissmar Raclette Tongs can complete the package that can bring a cooking party to your home today! Great additional accessories for use with a Swissmar raclette grill Use to place food on grill, turn foods, serve foods Raclette tongs of heat-resistant plastic Durable, sturdy, and perfectly sized for use with a counter-top raclette grill Raclette grill tongs length - 7" Hand-washing recommended Set of 4 raclette tongs

    Regular Price: ₱895.00

    Special Price ₱805.50

  7. Swissmar Universal Can Opener

    Open cans safely and efficiently with this stainless steel/plastic can opener. Cuts cleanly and leaves no sharp edges. Made in Switzerland. Built-in bottle opener. Carded.
  8. Swissmar 3 PC Peeler Set

    New proprietary technology from Switzerland has given our Swiss Classic peelers a few new edges. These blades are scalpel sharp - this means less effort to peel and a thinner peel with every stroke. This set includes one of each: scalpel, serrated and julienne.
  9. Swissmar Parmesan Knife

    The small size of this knife allows control with the hardest of cheeses like parmesan. Use a twisting motion to break off chunks of cheese. Stainless steel with hollow handle. Gift boxed.
  10. -20%

    Swissmar 6 PC Meat Fondue Fork Set

    Set of Six Forks Featuring two sharp tines with additional barbs to hold meat in place Handles are over 10 inches in length- everyone can reach the fondue pot! Numbered handles. Heat resistant

    Regular Price: ₱895.00

    Special Price ₱716.00


Items 1 to 10 of 38 total

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