What To Do with Dried Flowers?

what to do with dried flowers

Flowers give us unfathomable happiness especially during special occasions in our lives. However, the freshness and fragrance don’t last. Flowers will eventually wilt and die. But there are still other ways to get a flower that you can keep for a long time — the dried ones.
You might have heard a lot of things about dried flowers and how they became popular in the market. Dried flower is also versatile that you can have it on almost all important events. There are also a wide variety of dried flowers that you can buy.

Moreover, there are still more things you can enjoy with dried blooms. You can give it a new life through these creative things:


One of the common things you can do with dried flowers is to make your own wreath out of it. The wreath is a beautiful decorative that is usually hanged on doors or walls at home during the holiday season. Using dried flowers, a wreath can also be a reusable display for different events.

Other Creative Things You can Do with Your Dried Flowers


Pressed Flowers

It is another creative way to do with dried flowers. Pressed flowers have been a traditional way of preserving fresh flowers. One of the most popular is using dried blooms as bookmarks. People love the rustic vibe that dried flowers bring on their stuff. This is why it also serves many purposes such as displaying into a framed artwork or cute decor for greeting cards.

Other Creative Things You can Do with Your Dried Flowers


You could also elevate the beauty of your candles using dried blooms. You just have to melt the wax and add the dried flowers into the candle container. Aside from its decorative purposes, it is also an ideal gift for a loved one on any special occasion.

Other Creative Things You can Do with Your Dried Flowers

Vase Display

The simplest yet most elegant way of presenting dried flowers the same as fresh ones is thru vase flower arrangement. Arranging dried flowers in beautiful vases make a sweet statement all year long. The rustic vibe and style are sure to complement your home interiors.

Other Creative Things You can Do with Your Dried Flowers

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