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We feel romance in styling and layering pieces to create beauty in any space. We get excited decorating for life’s little moments and draw inspiration from celebratory styling. And we often feel the need to go beyond just occasional styling because we can always apply these in our every day – breakfast out in the yard, intimate dinners and lunches with family.

Tablescapes doesn’t need to be elaborate or cluttered as it will only overwhelm the dining experience. The key is finding balance to adapt or enhance the mood. We’ve put together tips for a modern tablescape you can apply at home:

modern tablescape

Texture and Simple Color Palette

There is no limit to the colors you use, however, try to keep it neutral or only to a few pops of colors. Choose a surface and juxtapose its qualities with different textures. Linens also plays a role when choosing colors and textures because it adds interest without looking chaotic.

tablescape moden 2


We advise to keep accessories to a minimum both in quantity and design. The most important thing to keep in mind is to have good pieces that stand alone or those that attracts the eye at first glance.

Tablescape Accessories

Floral Arrangements

An easy way to add drama to the table setting is to add Floral Arrangements while keeping height in check. This piece of task can be intimidating most especially for centerpieces, but making smaller floral arrangements can ease it up. You can play with small containers/canisters  or even glass cups as vases Рfor some, floral arrangement works even without a vessel!

floral arrangement tablescape


Lastly, you can create a beautiful moody ambience by complementing your table setting with light. You can arrange clusters of candles in clear glass wine bottles or cups, arranged in different heights. You can also add hanging lights or lanterns into the whole arrangement as it complement the candles in the table setting.

table setting with lights


Need help with your table setting? Visit any of our store and we’ll gladly show you the Gourdo’s way.

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