Styling Your Own Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist Bedroom

Less is more”—our minimalist hearts believe that everything is more beautiful and attractive if you see lesser things around.

Whenever we clean our own space, it always gives us a feeling of a new day or a new start. Science also proves that decluttering has an impact on your mood and can reward you with a more stable and elevated state of mind.

Arranging your bedroom and turning it to a minimalist style is a simple yet challenging task. Here are 5 helpful guides on how you can start styling your minimalist bedroom:


  1. Begin to declutter

This is the very most important thing you have to do if you want to turn your space to a minimalistic bedroom. Throw or remove anything unnecessary such as old décors, unused furniture, random wall hangings—could be photos or posters stuck on your walls—anything that would not give any minimalistic vibe in your room.

Minimalist table


  1. Natural lighting

To achieve a simple and cozy vibe in your space, natural lighting should also be considered. Make sure that natural light could pass through your windows and is not blocked by any furniture in your room. Avoid using curtains as much as possible—use a sheer type of curtains if you want to add one. Perfect natural lighting could make a huge difference inside your room.

Minimalist bedroom and window


  1. Green up your room

Placing indoor plants spruce up your space and give effortless beauty anywhere you look. You can try putting up small indoor plants that will not take much of the space (e.g. cacti, succulents, snake plants, etc.) These plants are also fairly easy to keep alive and do not require much sunlight. You may also use neutral-tone or white vases for these plants to compliment your room style. Adding houseplants as your décor also reflects your minimalistic preference.

Indoor Plants at the the table top


  1. Minimize your storage

Remember your goal in styling your room is to make it simple. Minimizing the number of your room storages such as cabinets or boxes will give you more space and will add up on the minimal vibe in your room. Leave only one closet or cabinet for your wardrobe and one file storage for all your important stuff as much as possible. You could also make use of your under-the-bed space to place your storage file box since stuff here is less commonly needed on a daily basis.

Cabinet in the room


  1. Use white beddings

white beddings

“If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day.”

This remarkable statement was mentioned by a retired US Navy Admiral, William H. McRaven, and a well-known author in a commencement speech he delivered at the University of Texas. He explained the importance of making your bed kick off the morning and be more productive.

This is how important beddings are in your bedroom. It would not just set your style but also has an effect on your well-being. This is something you’d absolutely don’t want to set aside. And dressing your beds accordingly could give a quick change of mood inside your bedroom.

Choosing a white bed sheet set is a perfect match for your minimalistic heart—besides, you can never go wrong with white. Also, the white fabric gives an impression of luxury—which what we also want to achieve—a minimal yet elegant bedroom style.

If you are wondering where to find the best quality cotton white sheet set that best fits your minimalist bedrooms—Gourdo’s has a variety of luxurious white beddings to offer.


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