New Stylish Collections to Put Some Extra Cheer on Your Holiday Table

New Collections to Put Some Extra Cheer on Your Holiday Table

Christmas is indeed the most wonderful season of the year. Aside from holiday shopping and gift-giving, preparing your table for Christmas Eve has become a tradition in almost every part of the world. This is where every family pours all their inner creativity to make their holiday table spectacular. Festive food and beverages are being prepared. And what makes all these foods even more special are the themed tableware used to serve it  — which commonly matches the occasion. If you are looking for new dining collections to style and add some extra cheer to your holiday table at home, here are some you would surely love.

New Stylish Collections to Put Extra Cheer on Your Holiday Table


Glass Charger Plate

New Collections to Put Some Extra Cheer on Your Holiday Table

Presenting your food could be one of the most exciting parts of prep time. You would have exerted extra effort in garnishing your food every time — but placing decorative under your simple dinner plates that as fancy and colorful as these Glass Charger Plates would definitely give instant life to any kind of dish you’ll be serving on the table. These Charger Platers of Gourdo’s has a wide selection of colors and styles that suit every kind of event.



Diamond Double Old-Fashioned Tumbler

This could be an old-fashioned kind of drinking glass but this glass features a modish and stunning diamond pattern design that catches the colorful and bright dancing lights around your Christmas dining area. These Diamond DouNew Collections to Put Some Extra Cheer on Your Holiday Table ble Old Fashioned Tumblers will definitely add excitement in drinking time — whether you’re a fruit juice lover or in a mood for some whisky or short cocktails to celebrate the night. This also comes in three color variants — Purple, Gray, and Silver. All elegantly designed for special occasions and holidays.



Grazing Board

If the typical holiday table with lots of plates does not excite you anymore, another creative way to celebrate your favorite delicacies is through the use of grazing boards. Grazing party has become a trend nowadays for grazing boards can now replace the use of plates in presenting the food. There is also a variety of grazing arrangement ideas you can find on the internet which will inspire you to create and arrange your own party usNew Collections to Put Some Extra Cheer on Your Holiday Table ing only a wooden grazing board. You can also check the 6 things you need to know to create a perfect grazing party – the simple guide you can follow before trying this out.

If you are planning to buy this dining stuff – Gourdo’s has this in stores and online available in different sizes to match your grazing needs.


Moreover, preparing for holidays could already be tiring for some. And so the challenge in laying something new on the table every year. Therefore, we need the right home partner that can make celebrations easier yet even more memorable.

Ready to celebrate with a twist of Gourdo’s home and kitchen collections today? 

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