Mise en Place | Useful Kitchen Tools for Daily Cooking Prep

Mise en Place | Useful Kitchen Tools for Daily Cooking Prep

Mise en Place is a French phrase that means “everything in place”. It may sound fancy but the main purpose of this is to simply make your cooking preparation organized and convenient. Having all your needed ingredients placed neatly in separate bowls will also save your time and energy while cooking. You don’t have to move back and forth around your kitchen just to find the next ingredient. Also, Mise en Place is consistently practiced by restaurant chefs even before they face their stoves — which you might have probably seen on several TV cooking shows. It is indeed a professional way of cooking even at home.

However, constantly practicing Mise en Place in your own kitchen could be extra challenging. So here’s a list of useful kitchen tools you need to check out to start improving your cooking prep:


High-Quality Chef Knife

Prepping your ingredients mainly includes chopping, slicing, or cutting so it is vital to have an exceptionally sharp knife with fine-edged blades. This will help you do your cooking tasks much easier. Buying a quality chef knife is one of your long-term investments as well — with proper maintenance, it won’t just last longer but will also save you money.


Good Cutting Board

One of the main dangers in cutting or chopping is the scratches and cuts left on cutting boards after doing the tasks, that is why it is essential to select a good quality chopping board. Moreover, using an easy-to-clean and appropriate size board for all your ingredients will help you set everything in place before cooking. 


Complete Measuring Tools

Organizing your ingredients involves proper measurements. It is necessary to make use of the appropriate measuring tools both for wet and dry ingredients — which can also hold either cold or hot liquid. It will be much more convenient to do any cooking task with all your ingredients measured beforehand into the bargain.


Use Separate Bowls 

Having multiple ingredients in a single recipe could be a bit confusing especially if it involves specific steps and time intervals you have to follow while cooking. Thus, providing separate bowls, large or small, for each type of ingredient will make everything organized. You surely don’t want to ruin the flavor or texture of your food just because you haven’t put the right ingredients in their right order or you missed any important ingredients of your recipe.


          Furthermore, Mise en Place is a culinary technique that everyone should also practice in everyday life for it is considered a great factor in achieving successful cooking. 


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