Jarcuterie: Sweet and Savory Feast in Jars

Jarcuterie: Savory Feast in Jars

Since the hype for Cheeseboard/Charcuterie started, you can see it present in almost every event and celebration. Preparing your own Charcuterie has been the most exciting part of organizing a special grazing party. Here you can pour out all your creative juices in arranging your favorite bites on one huge board good for group sharing — not until social gathering restrictions implemented. In spite of this occurrence, people’s creativity still brings gleams of hope in the traditional food feast. Later on, a new and more artful approach for Charcuterie — “Jarcuterie” happened and now drastically creates a buzz on social media.

What is Jarcuterie?

Jarcuterie is basically derived from the word Charcuterie — where your favorite bites or finger food are beautifully arranged inside a Jar instead of on the typical wooden board. It’s also a kind of unique food presentation that suits any special occasion. Another good thing about it is it’s the safest option if you are going to do a mini indoor party at this time — for you can create an individual serving and any creative add ons in your own jar will surely work just fine. 


What’s inside Jarcuterie Jars?

  • Meat
  • Cheese
  • Ham or Bacon
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Bread/Crackers
  • Cookies
  • Nuts & Seeds

These are basically the most common ingredients in making Jarcuterie. Nonetheless, creating this masterpiece is still an art where you can freely unleash your inner creativity. Whether a pro or not, it is definitely worth giving a whirl.



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In this Jarcuterie inspiration from an Instagram post, you can see how everything mixed up beautifully inside a small jar which is ideal for small celebrations at home. Also, you can have this as a unique present for your loved ones on any special occasion — most especially if you want to make your gift more personal.


Jars Idea for Jarcuteries

Indeed, crafting this masterpiece is full of endless possibilities — having a wide selection not just of the food you can mix in but also in the jars you can use. Gourdo’s offers Bormioli Jars in different styles and sizes you can choose from. These durable glass jars would surely match any Jarcuterie idea you have in mind.

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