Care Instructions: Paella Pan

Seafood Paella in Paella Pan Enamel Esmaltada

There are several types of Paella Pan to make Classic Seafood Paella whereas your choices are either stainless-steel, enameled-steel and carbon-steel pans; Gourdo’s carries the latter two (find it here). Carbon steel is the most traditional between the 3 and the reactive material influences the paella’s flavor.

While there is a huge benefit in using carbon steel when making Seafood Paella, the downside is that it is prone to rust and it requires extra care which is very similar to a cast iron skillet. It should be seasoned on the first use and carefully cleaned and re-seasoned in between uses.

Enamelled Paella however, doesn’t offer the same benefit as a carbon steel, but it is coated with rust protection and is easy to maintain; It’ll last longer if cleaned by hand. We recommend the steps below in maintaining your Paella Pans good as new:

Care Instructions

Carbon Steel Paella Pan

In the photo: Paella Pan Valencia Carbon Steel 34cm


  • Boil water in pan before using for the first time.
  • Wash hot water & detergent after each use.
  • Dry immediately, never leave to air-dry to avoid rusting.
  • Oil pan both inside and out, before and after use. Can use any vegetable oil.
  • Wrap in paper inside a plastic bag.
  • Store in a dry place.

Note: Never put the pan on the heat when empty. If using oven, never exceed a temperature of 250 degrees Celsius or a duration of 10minutes.


Enamelled Paella Pan

In the photo: Paella Pan Enamel Esmaltada 38cm

  • Devised for use on gas and oven only.
  • Not suitable for induction stovetops and microwave ovens.
  • Do not submit the product to sudden temperature changes as this could damage the enamel.


  • Smear the interior with a light layer of oil to better prepare the pan to withstand heat when cooking.
  • Use non-abrasive sponge and detergents for cleaning to avoid damaging the enamel.

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