Baking Prep Tips: Best Alternatives for Parchment Papers

Baking Prep Tips: Best Alternatives for Parchment Papers

In baking, parchment papers are widely used to act as a liner for baking sheets and cake pans – to prevent sticking and to avoid browning. It is frequently practiced to simply reduce time washing pans or sheets for any residue that can stick around the surface.

However, buying parchment papers could be somehow costly. Especially if you are doing baking for business and you have to do it almost every day. It’s also something that we have to consider to manage our time and budget at the same time.

So how about looking for alternatives? It’s a practical thing for anybody who wouldn’t want to just save time but would prefer minimizing the efforts in prepping too.


Greased Pan

A traditional practice prior to baking is greasing pans with butter or oil to prevent food from sticking to sheets or pans. Some also use cooking or baking spray for the same purpose. Greased pan works to almost every pastry you’d probably want to try.


Aluminum Foil

This is also a common household item; something you can find in almost anyone’s kitchen. You can use aluminum foil as a liner to your pans or even use it as a pouch. Cooking oil is usually applied to the top of the foil to avoid sticking. Aside from pastries, vegetables, chicken, or fish can also be wrapped using aluminum foil. What’s crucial in using foil for baking is that food cooks a little bit faster than usual so it has to be monitored carefully.


Silicone Mat

It might not be the usual type of material everyone knows when it comes to baking – but this is definitely a must-have for every pastry-lover like you. It’s because unlike other materials, whatever you bake on a Silicone Mat will just come right off. Less effort; for greasing is not necessary. Less time; for you don’t have to wash your silicon mats every after use. A few swipes will do.

Practical cooking moms or businessmoms would also consider a budget-friendly yet long-lasting and durable kitchen collection like this. Silicone Mat is commonly referred to a brand named Silpat; for its popularity in the market and the quality product, it offers. You may visit Gourdo’s to check Silpat’s best-selling products available and all other new baking essentials you would surely want to add to your kitchen collections.


Finding the perfect material that will ensure the quality and consistency of your finished products could be absolutely challenging. But always go with the brand that guarantees the best and the safest quality materials for all your baking needs.