5 Trendy Gourmet Kitchen Tools

5 Trendy Gourmet Kitchen Tools

Sumptuous cuisines in various restaurants are not just served with high sophistication but also prepped and cooked with class. Gourmet is more than its rare ingredients. Chefs and sous are also fond of premium kitchen tools. Not only it makes things fancy but also makes your life much easier.

To guide you on how to move around your kitchen like a real professional chef, here is a list of some of the new and premium gourmet prepping tools you should start adding to your shopping list:

1. Microplane 2-in-1 Herb Mill

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Unlike any other herb mills, this is an improved and easy-to-use version for all aspiring chefs at home. It has double action blades that quickly cut herbs like scissors without leaving bruises. Also, it has a clear transparent body that lets you see the content and its cutting actions — making it easier for you to control everything. It produces finely milled herbs perfect for all your gourmet food recipe.

2. Microplane Garlic Presser

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Garlic has been the most used ingredient for most dishes you might have cooked at home. Perfect chopping, slicing, and mincing of garlic somehow require extra effort using only knives. However, there is a new and innovative tool to make mincing cloves much easier. This Microplane Garlic Presser is a 2-in-1 press: a built-in crusher and a swipe tool that can easily collect garlic. Having this kind of helpful tool makes you more comfortable in doing any chef-like kitchen activities.

3. Microplane Adjustable V Slicer with Julienne

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One of the versatile yet classy tools that home chefs need is this V-Blade Food Slicer from Microplane. It has a reversible deck for your needed Julienne-style vegetable or fruit cuts. Its innovative features allow you to make a variety of home-made cuisine with perfectly sliced ingredients — that sure to pass the taste of any food connoisseur.

4. Microplane Premium Zester

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Gourmet sweets and savory usually involve high-grade cheeses and chocolates. Having it said, zester or graters come in handy, mostly for recipes that require perfect details. Sharp-edged tools like Microplane Zester are necessary if you are into gourmets. A professional chef would agree that a high-quality and sharp-bladed grater is one of the promising tools that home chefs should not miss.

5. Microplane Gourmet Slicer

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From the name itself, this trendy tool is made especially for gourmet. You can never go wrong with a tool that has extraordinary durability — that finely slices anything from hard cheeses to chunks of potatoes. This Microplane Gourmet Series is a one-size handheld mandolin that has an expansive stainless steel deck with ample space for slicing.


Moreover, having these premium and handy tools in your prepping space requires less effort yet the same quality result. If you are going to start a career in gourmet cooking or you just want to have an upgrade on your small kitchen tools, Microplane trendy series is definitely worth following.

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